Free Workout Video For Busy Moms

11:34 AM Posted by Lilian

Every time you take your children to the park for some outdoor entertainment you can make the most of this time too!

Get your bottom off the park bench and give these playground workout moves a go!
  • Park Bench Ste Ups (8-10 each leg)
  • Push Ups (8-10) can modify by performing against park bench
  • Picnic Table Hip Bridge (8-10 each leg)
  • Monkey Bar Pull Ups (5-10) modify by jumping to top of pull up and slowly lowering to bottom
  • Picnic Table Jumps (8-10)
  • Sprints - invite your children, increase laughter, engage your core

How To Use

Perform these moves straight through as a circuit repeating 2-4 times or pair up into super sets, completing each pair 2-4 times in a row - take a short rest and move on to the next super set.

Enjoy yourself with your kids!


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