Full Body Blast Fat Burning Workouts For Busy Moms

2:19 PM Posted by Lilian

This is a 15 minute fat burning workouts made just for busy moms! This consists of tri-set to burn more fat in less time, boost your metabolism and help you tighten your trouble areas - especially your arms, abs, thighs and butt!

NOTE: These full body moves are challenging - but this is the KEY to burning more fat and calories and never getting stuck! PLUS your workouts are done in 15 minut
es or less! As always, consult with your Dr before beginning a new workout or exercise routine.

A1: Reverse Lunge with a Twist

The Reverse Lunge is a great exercise for working the butt! Add a medicine ball twist and you are now engaging your abs!

Perform 5-8 times alternating legs - be sure to twist over the knee that is bent. You can choose a medicine ball or dumbbell that is 5 -25 lbs.

A2: Reverse Crunch to Extension

Perform 8-10 times
Be sure to draw your knees up to your chest, lifting your hips off the mat to help engage your lower abs. Pause before swooping your feet out and and fully extending your legs into what is similar to the bottom of a leg lift. When you pause for a moment - you can really feel your abs!

A3: Decline Push Ups

Yes, push ups are challenging! But wow are they ever effective in tightening your arms and core.
If you are not yet ready for these, stick to modified push ups.

How to use this fat burning exercise?
Perform these 3 moves back to back as a Tri Set with little to no rest between moves. You can add this Tri Set to your current fat loss plan or use it alone if time is short.

Your Tri Set will look like this:


Go into set B and wrap up with set C - follow with 10-15 minutes of your favorite intervals to supercharge your fat burn results.

Super sets as well as Tri Sets allow you to get maximum results in minimum time - they boost your metabolism, allow you to increase intensity so you stay challenged, are FAST and FUN!

This is the secret ingredient to all the Fit Yummy Mummy short burst resistance training workouts.

Double Your Results - cut out the junk, processed foods and sugar and you will begin to SEE tone and definition before you know it!


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