How To Establish Fitness Routines

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When you have determined that you want to become fit, you will want to establish a fitness routine. Although most people think of classes and specific activities (such as jogging or tennis) as the way to fitness, there are many ways you can work physical activity into your life.

Structured fitness

Fitness classes or groups provide a consistent approach to an activity. Local gyms, schools, and churches may sponsor a regular fitness group. Teams also provide a consistent approach to fitness but are more competitive. Many communities have physical activity programs to help adults and children get fit. They often are found within social agencies and schools.

Structured fitness has the advantage of:
  1. Being held at the same time and place, which is easier for you to schedule.
  2. Having a social atmosphere.
  3. "Healthy" peer pressure to show up and participate.
Self-directed fitness

Many people find an activity they enjoy and create their own fitness program. For it to be effective, you must set up a regular schedule and stick to it.

Self-directed fitness gives you:
  1. Flexibility as to the time and place.
  2. The ability to try different types of exercises.
Fitness within your day

You can use "everyday" activities for fitness, as long as you do them regularly. This includes:
  1. Daily aerobic activity, such as raking leaves, mowing the lawn, or doing housework.
  2. Physical activity in the workplace, such as using stairs instead of elevators.
  3. Muscle-conditioning exercises, such as scrubbing the bathtub, washing walls, tilling the garden, or pulling weeds.
  4. An outdoor interest that promotes walking or another type of exercise. For example, bird watching may involve considerable walking, and trail building may involve both walking and strength to clear paths.


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